Album Art Screensaver and Windows Vista 

We have received a lot of emails lately regarding the Album Art Screensaver and Windows Vista. When running this combo, any changes made to the settings are ignored once the screensaver starts up.

Worst case is when you have a different image source than the default (iTunes), and want to specify something else. Since the settings aren't applied properly the screensaver will not find any artwork at all!

We will fix this problem as soon as we can, so keep an eye out within the next few weeks for a new version.




The beta version worked great for my Vista. Thanks a lot.


No way :-)

Please check the forum:


The latest beta has worked fine for Vista users, feel free to give it a go:

/installer/Alb ... -beta5.exe




did you guys give up on this? :(


Use max one image per directory check box, when you uncheck it does not save


I downloaded the beta version, and it works fine on my Windows Vista PC. Thanks a ton, I love it!


i was really excited to get this program, but once i got it... it doesn't seem to work? the screensaver is just a black screen? what should i do?


It doesn't seem to install correctly for me. I use the exe and I'm able to configure it that first time it opens up automatically for me during the install. However after that if I go to the screen saver menu it is not listed. If I go to the directory where it says it installed all I see is an uninstall file.


We have a beta that *might* just fix the notorious Vista problem. We have not had the time to verify this yet, so feel free to help us out by giving it a go at:

/installer/Alb ... -beta3.exe

Leave your comments by dropping me, Mattias, a mail (see the contact page) or just post your feedback here in the blog.


/Mattias, CrayonRoom


MoodyX Any update on this? Is there a way to change the default setting at all? I really dig the screensaver but I hate itunes so its really pointless for me on vista.

Jeff Cummings 

Can you guys possibly make a version of the RSS feed screensaver from Tiger for Windows?


Love this program more than words can express, the only thing i was ever jealous of on my buddies Mac was the screensaver. Low and behold I found this. Worked flawlessly for MONTHS on my XP laptop, now I have upgraded to Vista and it no longer works. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!! In your blog post above you state the a fix is on the way in a few weeks....that was in September!!!!! Any word? Please squash this bug that is in an otherwise glorious program. Thanks in advance for your help and a stellar app!!!!!!


Aha! Just what I was looking for, thanks for making this!


I have to tell you, I've been longing after my brother's album art screen saver ever since he bought his ibook 2 years ago, and with my windows machine with 2 monitors, I had absolutely no luck finding anything that would work, until now. I just turned up the settings to 20 rows of glorious artwork on both monitors and sat in awe. I didn't want to move my mouse, actually now I'm looking forward to zoning out in front of my computer just so I can see this pop up and bring me cheer. Thank you for finally giving me a reason to get out of the middle of the watch my screen saver. I haven't tried moody yet, but with the way this works, I think I'll give it a shot. Thanks again!

Phil Enzler 

yea, i noticed the settings bug also. it's weird tho b/c when i change my settings they are retained but not used when windows triggers the saver after the timeout. when i change them and preview it works fine and when i go back into the settings dialog, my new settings are there.
anyway, hopefully this will get fixed soon. thanks and good luck.


I've only had one main problem running this program with Vista. I don't want the album I'm listening to to be highlighted, I'd rather just have the normal screensaver, but no matter what settings I choose, if I'm listening to iTunes then the screensaver will show what album I'm listening to.
Other than that problem, I love the program, can't wait for a new version to fix any problems!


The only problem is is that you can't adjust the settings. Once you adjust them and hit apply or ok, the settings revert back to default. It would be nice to able to have a really fast time. like .2 seconds or something. That way the album art changes quickly. It would look like a sweeping affect on the screen and i don't think it would be too hard to program. Everything else is sweet though.


I've been using this since May on Windows Vista Ultimate with no problems. I think this is an awesom e program, looks just like the album art screen saver on my new iMac I just got a month ago. I dont know whats wrong with other people's and why so many people have complaints with Vista but it works fine for me. Keep up the great work btw. Awesome program.

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