Moody 1.0 is out! 

Lots of new stuff. Be sure to watch the new screencasts. And then start twittering about your favorite tracks!


Get the windows version out of that beta version and make a real application! A lot of windows-users are waiting for Moody :p

thank you for Moody,
It's THE BEST!!!


I hope the windows version will be ready soon !


I finally found the app I'm looking for ! Thanks a lot !
Your mood solution looks like this service : but with my personal songs (and not only the webradio titles)

Howhever, I prefer the musicovery matrix presentation with 4 elements "dark", "positive", "energic", "calm" where you can place the mood song as a more intuitive way than Moody (in my opinion).

What do you think about that ? Did you know this service before ?
Would be possible you inspire of this idea. I can imagine a 3x3 or 5x5 Moody matrix with each element on top/bottom/right and left of the matrix.

Just an idea...


very beautiful photos


Just updated to 1.0. An awesome app this is!


MoodyA2 MoodyB4 MoodyD2

I'm purple!!!


MoodyA1 MoodyA2 MoodyD1 MoodyC4

man i love this program, but i really wish there was an online library for windows users, id be willing to pay for it!!!


Seems you've got some good progress!
Windows users are waiting patiently..

Crayon Room 

Two updates were pushed out now in only two days... sorry about that. Pretty important stuff (so be sure to update), but easy to fix - hence the quick reaction.



Very cool. Love the iphone on/off button.

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