Spring em up 

It's pretty calm over here, as you can see.

Just wanted to say that Moody passed the 100.000 downloads mark a while ago. Fun! We felt like kiss and tell at the time, but now years later - here it goes:

"Awesome app - I'm addicted!"
Kevin Rose

"I like that it's simple and can really put a filter on your entire library."
Chris Bell, Director of Worldwide Marketing iTunes

Both the Screensaver and Moody is still being downloaded, so everything's good.

Mattias is very active at his recently started computer game related business, and I'm webbish at http://earthpeople.se, watch out for exciting projects coming up there. Got something good up our sleeves.

Best best

also - go here and get peel http://beem.se

/ Fredrik Mjelle


Forum launch 

To give better help and support to all we set up a simple forum.
Follow the link >


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