New screensaver out and about 

I have changed the download link on the screensaver page to a new (beta) version. The old version does not work with iTunes 8 and also doesn't play all that nice with Vista, so there was really no use in holding back the new version anymore.

New features are:

* Works with iTunes 8.
* Works much better with Windows Vista.
* Possible to alter the font size in currently playing mode.
* Improved stability for slimserver.
* Possible to use alternate location for iTunes library.
* Double buffering can be enabled to get rid of flickering problems.

If you encounter problems, the forum is there to help you.




Album Art Screensaver and Windows Vista 

We have received a lot of emails lately regarding the Album Art Screensaver and Windows Vista. When running this combo, any changes made to the settings are ignored once the screensaver starts up.

Worst case is when you have a different image source than the default (iTunes), and want to specify something else. Since the settings aren't applied properly the screensaver will not find any artwork at all!

We will fix this problem as soon as we can, so keep an eye out within the next few weeks for a new version.




New version finally out! 

It's been over half a year since the Album Art Screensaver was released. Finally there's a new version available, with lots of improvements.

First of all the installtion should be a lot simpler. The installation wizard lets you define all that is needed, no more right-clicking on "scr" files and other clumsy solutions.

Another neat thing is that the screensaver can display info on the currently playing track in your music player. This works for iTunes 7 and SlimServer and looks very nice if I may say so myself.

And finally as you might have already noticed there is support for the SlimServer. This is the server software that is used with the sweet litte Squeezebox. If you have not heard of it I suggest you check it out at:


/ Mattias


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