The Future (plug) 

All three of us make or have made music in different ways. A few days ago I released a new album that's free to download at It's mainly electronic music but I also made a cover of the lovely Television song Days. Here's a video.

Enjoy! / Fredrik



Set it off - Strafe. Recorded in 1983 (!) Strafes version of ´Set if off´must be the coolest song ever.

When I hear music - Debbie Deb. It´s easy to hear that Madonna has been heavily influenced by the way Debbie sings. This song should be played on all dance floors this summer (and the next..)

Martin / Crayon Room


Laughing it all away 

Joni Mitchell - People's Parties



Top Of The Pops 

Finest track at the moment: Arcade Fire - Keep The Car Running
Great great song, I think it's a


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