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Simple Song 

I made this super simple music player that basically plays a spotlight search result list. It's over at
It's beta and has some bugs, but hopefully you'll enjoy it. Since your music on your mac is already indexed by spotlight, you can actually search for anything you'd search for in itunes, and it just takes a second longer (which you'll gain back in app launch time :)

Take care, see ya!


No iTunes integration for 3rd party apps on the iPhone?  

I haven't seen this on any US site, but Swedish MacWorld says that 3rd party developers won't have access to the iTunes content on the iPhone. I don't know if they have confused iTunes with iPod, but they say it'll be impossible for or ilike to get information about music play out of the iPhone/iPod Touch.

If you know swedish, heres the link:

Edit: Here is something on this, from ipodNN: ... phone.sdk/

This doesn't make it impossible for Moody to exist on the platform, but maybe with a lesser experience.


iPod Touch! 

The new iPhone-like iPod is out, and we love it. (Well we haven't tried it out yet of course, but you know.)

Finally there's a possibility for applications on the iPod.



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