Hello World! 

We are very pleased to release Moody today, together with a new version of our Album art screensaver.

Moody is a nice little gadget that really can change your music listening if you let it. Tag your tracks with moods and then listen to the smoothest shuffle mixes you've ever heard. No more bumpy roads.

It takes some effort to tag all the tracks if you got many (and you probably do since you're here), but it's so worth it. I tagged my first 1100 tracks in an hour and a half, that's 5 seconds per track, pretty fast thanks to the quicktag function. Take a couple of hours to go through some of your good stuff with the quicktag function. Then you can tag along as you go with quicktag turned off.

The screensaver has got some new functions, it now supports Squeezebox, and it also shows album art and track info of current track. Mattias can talk more about that.

Hope you enjoy the stuff, you got links to the right. And leave a comment if you got any thoughts or if you find a bug or two.

See ya soon!

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