Tags go up and down. 

We are now working on a small and neat solution for up- and downloading tags to a database. Actually we're pretty much done, and you can expect a release for the mac users quite soon.

There's no login, no community, no go to a website, just a tiny little button with arrows. Click on it and you'll download and upload tags to and from the selected tracks. Hopefully a kind soul has uploaded the tags you miss and vice versa.

This will of course only work if you use a system for your tags that is reasonably close to the official happy-intense scales, but if you're very personalized you won't need it anyway.

How good this will actually work remains to be seen. If everybody has different opinions on how a track should be tagged it will be like straight shuffle. So while it still may not beat your own homegrown tags, hopefully it will be a good second option.

Fredrik / Crayon Room


Album Art Screensaver and Windows Vista 

We have received a lot of emails lately regarding the Album Art Screensaver and Windows Vista. When running this combo, any changes made to the settings are ignored once the screensaver starts up.

Worst case is when you have a different image source than the default (iTunes), and want to specify something else. Since the settings aren't applied properly the screensaver will not find any artwork at all!

We will fix this problem as soon as we can, so keep an eye out within the next few weeks for a new version.




Yeah sure i'd tag my 850+ gigs. 

Some people have talked about Moody and said that they would love to use it, but the idea of going through all their 40k songs isn't that appealing. And although we are discussing ways to share or download tags in a smart manner, we really think you're the best judge. Tagging is so relative to your taste and collection.

I use Moody not only for moodtagging but as a different way into my music. I have around 8500 tracks, and I've tagged about 2000 (which took me 2.5 hours in total). I got a lot of songs that I want to keep, but I don't want them popping up all the time in daily listening. This way Moody just gives me the good stuff.

I'm sure you all have your own approach to your collection (and to Moody). Leave a comment if you wanna share yours. I'm premiering today with a big iTunes library on a network drive with all my stuff in, and a smaller library on my MacBook Pro for new and hot stuff (and podcasts), to sort, tag and listen through before they can come into the big library. It's not perfect though, it would be better if iTunes could sense if removable drives are missing and hide those tracks. With fewer tracks you get much better overview and Cover Flow is more fun to use. And new tracks with bad tags easliy goes MIA in a big library. We'll see how it goes.

Fredrik / CR


iPod Touch! 

The new iPhone-like iPod is out, and we love it. (Well we haven't tried it out yet of course, but you know.)

Finally there's a possibility for applications on the iPod.



We are up n' runnin' 

Moody for Windows!
New version for Mac!

Could life be sweeter?
Life could not be sweeter!

/ the Cray Boys


Hang in there! 

Just around the corner now.

- Moody and iTunes for Windows and OSX side by side in Parallels.



Set it off - Strafe. Recorded in 1983 (!) Strafes version of ´Set if off´must be the coolest song ever.

When I hear music - Debbie Deb. It´s easy to hear that Madonna has been heavily influenced by the way Debbie sings. This song should be played on all dance floors this summer (and the next..)

Martin / Crayon Room


Windows and more features 

We are currently working on user definable colors and tooltips, that's the next set of features.

After that: A hot key / status menu option, for fast in and out tagging of the current track.

The Windows version is far on it's way now and a beta should be out in a couple of weeks or so!


Filter tip 

A small Moody tip:

If you go to the *Moody playlist and then do a filter search on a genre, say country, you can listen to only the country songs of that mood. Even if you switch mood the filter stays put.

Which can lead to an error.. if you don't have any country songs of a certain mood and try to play that mood. Well well. Expect a fix on that.


Panther and a bug 

Small update out yesterday, just a bug fix.

There is a working version of Moody for Panther - OS X 3.9 too now.
It can be downloadable from here >
(Edit: It may still got some bugs in it, please report if you use it and experience any problems.)

There are some spam in the comments, so we'll try an antispam thing, see if it has any powers.

Also, just want to make clear that just because we don't answer all the suggestions in the comments doesn't mean we think they suck. Some of the stuff you've suggested here are great features that we're discussing or planning on including in future releases.


New version - 0.1.1 

There's a new version of Moody out!
To download it, just start Moody and an update window will pop up.

Changes in this version:
- Quicker respons on playback and tagcount.
- The Quicktag Needle Drop now includes half track time.
- Skip track permanently when quicktagging.

Moody now creates a set of playlists in a folder to increase handling speed. The difference is quite huge, especially for big librarys. Hope you'll love it!

Read more in the online help section >

Fredrik / Crayon Room


Laughing it all away 

Joni Mitchell - People's Parties



Windows version is on it's way! 

Windows users, let go of your frustration. Moody is coming.


Top Of The Pops 

Finest track at the moment: Arcade Fire - Keep The Car Running
Great great song, I think it's a


Moody User Review 

I read this user review at Macupdate.com that was pretty interesting. The reviewer didn't really like some aspects of the concept, but went on using the app with his/her personal rules.

The arrows with the Sad-Happy things are there as a guide, to keep people from feeling confused. I hope that those who feel limited by the words do exactly as the reviewer and just close that little window and make up their own rules. I love that, I myself have developed a relationship with the squares and know what songs i put where, and that's really the point.

We love the idea of a personalized experience with software, as opposed to the more lazy approach to have the app autotag the songs or pull down some readymade tags from a server (although this also might be a future possibility if solved in a smart way). Music is a pretty personal thing.

Read it here

/ [email protected]



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